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How much does it cost to recieve support from Crossroads (North Argyll)?

There is a link to a list of costs on the Care Services page. As indication, our hourly price is £15 per hour. 

Is there a waiting list?
We will try to provide the service as soon as possible, but we do operate a waiting list if it is a high demand.


Will we get introduced to the worker before they start?
Yes, you will always be introduced to the worker before they start, we will make a care plan together with you and the worker will know exactly what is expected of them. We review the support given at least every 6 months.


                  Can I change the worker if we don't get on?

                  Yes of course you can, that is not a problem. We are all different and we know how important it is for you to get support                     from someone you like and trust.

                 Will the worker know about Dementia?
                 All our care attendants are trained in the various conditions we may encounter in our support. We are trained in first aid,                  health and safety, food and hygiene plus we have an ongoing training programme that includes Dementia, Diabetes,                            Parkinson's, heart diseases, etc

                 Will the worker have a car?

                 Yes all our workers drive a car and can get out to the outlying areas of Oban and Lorn

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